Fibers and SFPs

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It finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I bought an LC to LC multimode fiber off ebay as getting one locally from SLS is a major ripped off.



My collection of optical trancivers (right) loopback key, IBM 1000SX SFP, Agilent 1000SX SFP, Cisco 1000SX SFP and Cisco 1000SX GBIC


My Dell PC2724 switch seems to work with both Agilent and Cisco SFPs

Hooked it up to an Intel Pro1000 MF dual nic. Only one port is working since I slot it in a PCI slot. I got a 3Com 3c985b 1000SX card lying around but it only has driver support up to Windows XP. Guess I'll have to test it some other time.


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