Brutus Servers Down For Upgrade (Part 1)

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Well in case you're wondering why the Killing Floor servers not showing on Steam, I suspected my firewall acted up after I plugged in a loop-back LAN cable into the switch.

Anyways server upgrade will still proceed as scheduled on Monday.
I'll be adding in new hard drives since 5k rpm green drives are not that great for hosting multiple game server instances. The problem happens when at least 2 server instances requires HDD access, for example loading next round map, where HDD IOPS dropped significantly.

I'm doing the drives evaluation tomorrow. So its either a 15k rpm SAS drive or 2x 10k rpm SAS drives in raid 0. That would probably reduce map load time significantly and provides a better gaming expirience;

To-Do list:
Test and evaluate hard drives
1 x 15K SAS
2 or 3 or 4 x 10K SAS

- Reboot both firewall and switch
- Update motherboard BIOS
- Security update on host OS
- Install new drive/s
- Create new VM datastore
- Migrate Guest OS over
- Test
- Murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"
- Back to gaming

That's that, be sure to check back for updates and progress

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