Configuring IPv6 on pfSense for Starhub

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Starhub has been providing IPV6 network connectivity to its customers for quite some time now. I recently discovered this when I saw that my WAN interface has a valid global unicast IPV6 address. Setting IPV6 on pfSense is quite straight forward. However, I did had to do a lot of Google searches and reading up on IPV6 in order to do so.

Step 1: Firstly, under System -> Advanced -> Networking, check that pfSense has IPV6 enabled. I am running pfSense version 2.2.6 and it has it checked by default.

Step 2: Next, go to Interfaces -> WAN, select "DHCP6" for "IPV6 Configuration Type"

Scroll down to DHCP6 Client Option and select "64" for "DHCP Prefix Delegation Size"

Step 3: Next, go to Interfaces -> LAN, select "Track Interface" for "IPV6 Configuration Type"
Scroll down to Track IPV6 Interface Option and select "WAN" for "Track IPV6 Interface"

Step 4: Add the firewall rule on the LAN interface to allow IPV6 traffic.

Verification: In the Dashboard, check that the WAN and LAN interface has valid IPV6 address. The IPv6 WAN Gateway should also be "Online". When the LAN interface has a valid IPV6 address, pfSense will start IPV6 Router Advertisement Daemon.


LAN devices with IPV6 enabled should be able to received the RA mulitcast packet from the pfSense. It should then be able to auto-configure a valid Global Unicast IPV6 Address.
Finally: Test for IPV6 connectivity Test IPV6
Google IPV6

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