Pico PSU quick modification

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These little ATX power supplies could be bought off from Ebay cheaply. Its build quality wasn't that bad. It works fine on my old Intel Core2 system. However, I don't like the fact that it uses a single AWG20 wire to on the 12V-ATX connector. There's no way it could safely powered a 65w or 5 amps CPU.


What I thought of is simply to create an adapter board. The board would solely handles the switching of the 12V rail while pass through the other voltage rails. I've chosen a double sided stripboard as it has nice wide copper tracks. STF12PF06 P-channel mosfet 60V, 0.18 Ω, 12A for the 12V rail.


The board takes 12v input from a 6pin molex connector since the the 12V rail alone can supply up to 12A of current. The capacitor was pretty much an afterthought.
Rear side of the adapter.


I've also added some copper sheet to add more area for the ground plane.
Front side of the adapter


System working as it should with additional improvements.


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