Raid card fan mod

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I received these 2 raid cards, LSI 8344ELP and PERC H200 from a friend of mine. The heat sinks on this cards can get really hot as they are meant to be used on a workstation or a server with high volume of air passing through them.


Before this mode, I've did a quick ghetto mod of using bluetack to secure the fan in place with a Molex to 2 pin attached. It works fine but it could use a more permanent solution.

Pcie Pinout

I've ended up with this PCIE pinout after consulting the great Oracle (google), which I needed to tap the fan's 12v power from. The PCIE specs indicate that the 12v rails is capable of delivering of up to 5.5A which is more than enough for this mod.
I've used a multimeter to help me trace the 12v rails. The decoupling capacitor seems like the most convenient place to solder wires from. I've used some kapton tape and super glue to keep the wires and connectors in place.

8344ELP Rear

PERC H200 Rear

Initially, I've thought of using screws to secure the fan in place. However, the heat sink fins and the fan mounting hole did not aligned with each other. So, I've came up with fan wire clips instead. The idea came from Thermalright CPU heat sinks.

Wire clip

Fan mounted

Raid cards with the newly secured fans in place.



Before, when the cards were passively cooled, temperature goes as high as 95'c.
With the fan, temperature maintains around 45-50'c.


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