USB voltage current monitor

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I realized that I got extra space while designing the board (5cmx5cm) for my numitron driver board so I decided to add a USB I/V monitor into it.

USB IV monitor

Unlike the others out there that uses polyfuse as a short-circuit protection, mine uses TPS2051C which is a Current-Limited USB Power Distribution Switch.
I chose it because:
1) ULVO at 4.5v
2) Output enable pin
3) Fault output pin
Currently, I'm using it together with a multimeter but in future there will be another board stacked on top of it. Running a mcu and a oled/lcd display.
The fault pin will be attached to the mcu interrupt pin. When the IC triggers a fault, the mcu will disable the output. And reset it by pressing a button. Just like a circuit breaker.




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