Fixing a bad HP L1902

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2 days ago my dad brought back a HP L1902 monitor. It was still functional except its Dsub connector got chopped off. Seems like it was saved from its fate of ended up in some landfill in some 3rd world country somewhere.

hp 1902

Problem with such design. If the VGA cable is damaged, the whole monitor is no longer usable. Talk about being cut-cost / consumerist design. So my plan is to replace the cable with a Dsub receptacle. I've managed to find the service manual for this model. Makes the whole process easier and faster.





Well, I was caught up with the flow and forgotten to take pics of its insides. Apparently, it's an LG OEM, I also inspected the power supply nothing seems visually signs of failure. It could still work fine for another 5 or more years.


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