Guide: Bridge LAN and Wifi interface on Raspberry Pi

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I was pleased with the wifi working well on my rPi. So, I've decided to extend internet connectivity to the LAN port. This is useful for using it as a wireless bridge.
Continuing for the previous post Configuring WPA2 on rPi

1 year of hiatus? Part 2?

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Well, just when I told myself to get active in the blog and post more after the previous hiatus post. Where did I go wrong? Yet another year of inactivity. Hopefully, I have more post his year. I've got a couple of cool electronic projects I've been working on. Would be great to post them here.

1 year of hiatus?

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Wow it's been a year since I've post an entry in this blog. Who would have though maintaining blog entries could be kinda hard. Well anyways I'm currently in my exam period. So the following entries would probably come after my summer break has started. More electronic projects to come/document.


First Entry

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Well who would have thought that I started writing a blog. I decided to start one after listening to Dave Jones of the EEVBlog advise on creating a blog as a means of documenting your work.

Anyhow, this blog is where I'd;
-Do some write up regarding networking and hardware gear.
-Create documentations or project logs.

Feel free to hang around and comment on stuff.